Partners of each and every moment, ultra friends with our event !

On a walk, a hike or an ultra, when you go to the mountains, you always warn or invite your family and friends. For this almost family and ultra friendly meeting, many insisted on coming with us… and also on kitting you out!

Although time doesn’t count, it’s (high) time to play, and our friends from SALOMON immediately wanted to participate.

Without hesitation, PETZL also got involved to help us access the inaccessible and brighten up our project.

I-RUN also asked to take part, we said yes and they came running !

With the BEAUFORTAIN as a backdrop, how could we not be inspired?

In this spirit of freedom and lightness, the SAMAYA tents go up with us to bivouac under the summits. Purity, adrenaline and a lot of eye candy, CÉBÉ also got caught up in our game…

Let’s not forget the taste of naturalness with OVERSTIMS and to drink the essential with EAU DE BONNEVAL. Almost last but not least, BLACKSHEEP decided to join the herd.

In this meaningful team spirit, as we say at SUUNTO, let the adventure begin!