It is not enough to apply,
you must have a good reason to try!

For this very 3rd edition and our starting line (as well as the finish line!), we want to line up more than just numbers and runners, we want to line up teams and values.

Presenting your team to ULTRA SPIRIT selection committee means presenting a project with meaning and desire, a trio formed by true commitment and a common spirit, ready to surpass themselves in the effort as well as in the human aspect…

photo trio le sens avant la performance

Selective, but not exclusive!

If ultra spirit has a (very) small gauge, it’s first and foremost out of respect for the Beaufortain region that welcomes us, but also to guarantee a unique ultra experience in the world, in a serene committee.

For this 2024 edition, 45 teams of 3 people will be taking to the track with us. But we’re also planning to keep a waiting list of 15 others in case a team drops out before the start.

The good spirit
and the good price

Your application is priceless, that’s why it won’t cost you a dime… No fees to pay until you are selected.
Applications must be presented before January 31st included.

Once you are selected, your team of three will be able to pay the 1200 € registration fee, which is 400 € per person, including over three days :

  • logistics, security and supervision fees,
  • organization fees for the course and every moment of the event,
  • full wild board on the whole event (bivouacs, gourmet meals, drinks and lodging).

All you have to do is bring your own equipment and sleeping bag… everything else will be waiting for you in the village!